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Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel

Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel


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Longer Classes to enjoy anytime • 1h 33m

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  • Discovering the elements

    In this 90-minute Sunday Session with Eva & Gabriel, you'll dive into how the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air manifest in our asana practice and how we can use them to create a balancing and harmonizing effect on our nervous system, body and our psychology.

  • Unwind with Twists

    The Sunday Sessions are live evening classes that Eva & Gabriel taught once a month in 2022. They include active asana, restoratives, and yoga philosophy. In this class, you'll get to unwind your spine with Matsyangasana and its variations. As a part of our membership, you get to enjoy this pract...

  • Active class: Core work

    In this active class, we will work on creating stability in your body through the strengthening of your core. The core is the main stabilizer of your entire body, especially your back. Learn how to activate first the deep lower core muscles that are crucial for lower back support. Then you'll be ...