Longer Classes to enjoy anytime

Longer Classes to enjoy anytime

Ideally, in the asana practice more active poses are done in the morning time and more soothing and calming poses in the evening time. However, we all know that life is not always ideal and we have to fir our practice within a tight schedule. Here are some classes you can choose from to practice anytime during the day.

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Longer Classes to enjoy anytime
  • Classical Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutations (CSN)

    In this video, you learn the Classical Surya Namaskar as practices with alignment. This is a safe way to flow through the ancient sequence even in your 90's!
    The Classical Surya Namaskar (Surya = Sun, Namaskar=Salutation) has been practiced for thousands of years and is in fact the oldest, still...

  • Release the old & welcome the new

    In this class, we will dive deeper into the use of the breath in asana as a tool to create psychological changes. For this practice you must be familiar with the Classical Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). If you are not familiar with it, we recommend you watch our video: Classical Surya Namaskar,...

  • Deep Stretches & Openings

    In this class, we will work of release stuck tension around your shoulders, hips and chest with deep stretches and long holds.

  • Juicy twists & Backbends

    In this class, you will release deep tensions in the muscles around your spine. When these muscles are tight the mobility of your spine is diminished and even your diaphragm is tighter causing shortness of breath. Twists undo this tension and leave you feeling free to move and breathe deeply.

  • Free your spine & strengthen you back muscles

    Most postural challenges in the spine are caused by two things: reduces mobility and weak back muscles. In this class, we will work on both increasing the mobility of your spine as well as strengthening the back muscles needed to maintain proper alignment and posture of the spine and back. Enjoy ...

  • After work Yoga

    In this 60-minute class, Eva will help you release some of the tensions that accumulate in the body after long periods of sitting and working with the laptop. Get ready for opening your shoulders, hamstrings & glutes, for lengthening the hip flexors & releasing your lower back. The class ends wit...

  • Release tension in the lower legs & spine

    In this 60-minute class, we will focus on opening the ankles, calves, and hamstrings as well as increasing spinal mobility through twists and backbends. This class is a wonderful practice before running, swimming, biking, dancing, or any other physical activity that includes the legs and spine.

  • Deep openings with hips & shoulders

    In this class, we focus on balancing your hips with the Purna Yoga Hip Opening Series and opening your shoulders and upper back. When our hips are balanced in all movements the lower back is more at ease and less pulled by the hips into distorted positions. So it is with the shoulders and neck. T...

  • A long Restorative practice

    In this 90-minute Sunday Session taught live during the Autumn of 2022 Eva & Gabriel guide you through deeply relaxing restorative poses. Restorative poses are an integral part of the practice of Purna Yoga. It is crucial that we take care of the health of our nervous system through conscious and...

  • Free your Breath

    Join Eva & Gabriel for an evening practice focused on opening the tensions around the ribcage and upper back. In this class you'll learn how to breathe deep calm breaths and release stress through conscious breathing.

  • Discovering the elements

    In this 90-minute Sunday Session with Eva & Gabriel, you'll dive into how the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air manifest in our asana practice and how we can use them to create a balancing and harmonizing effect on our nervous system, body and our psychology.

  • Unwind with Twists

    The Sunday Sessions are live evening classes that Eva & Gabriel taught once a month in 2022. They include active asana, restoratives, and yoga philosophy. In this class, you'll get to unwind your spine with Matsyangasana and its variations. As a part of our membership, you get to enjoy this pract...

  • Active class: Core work

    In this active class, we will work on creating stability in your body through the strengthening of your core. The core is the main stabilizer of your entire body, especially your back. Learn how to activate first the deep lower core muscles that are crucial for lower back support. Then you'll be ...

  • Opening the hip flexors

    For most of us, due to our sedentary lifestyle, the hip flexors have become very short. When short, the hip flexors pull on the lower back causing low back tensions. In this class we will guide you to open your hip flexors in different ways, from standing poses to passive back bending.

  • Strengthen your hips with Eva

    In this class, we will strengthen the three main muscle groups that stabilize the hip joint. Hip stability is important not only in walking but in any sport where the hip joint is weight-bearing (that umbrella includes almost all sports!). Balancing the strength of these three muscle groups will ...

  • Bring Life Back to your Body

    A wonderful class to energize and strengthen your whole body!

  • Stretch out your whole body

    In this class you get to enjoy a full body practice where with the guidance of Gabriel you get to stretch out different parts that feel tight.

  • Unwind your Spine with Twists

    This is a class that will be very useful anytime you feel tension in the back. It can be practiced any time of day. Enjoy!

  • Whole Body Stretch and Release

    Enjoy this lovely class where you can destress different areas of your body.