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Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel

Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel


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Freedom to your Lowerback & Hips

Classes we all need! • 1h 3m

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  • Release Your Upper Back & Shoulders

    In this 60-minute class, you get to release and mobilize your upper back tensions. A perfect practice after (or before!) a day at the office, driving or carrying heavy loads. All you need is a mat & a belt. Enjoy!

  • Stimulate & Soothe your Digestion

    In this class, Eva will guide you through a sequence of poses that alternate between stimulating and soothing your digestive organs. If you're feeling constipated or your digestion is agitated, this practice will feel wonderful!

  • Do this when you want release for you...

    Most of us carry a lot of tension and weakness in the muscles around the neck. In this class, you get to move your entire body with Surya Namaskar and other full-body-poses with the emphasis on the neck and on both gently strengthening and deeply releasing this area. Enjoy!