Classes we all need!

Classes we all need!

If you wish to work on a specific area that requires attention, this collection of videos is for you. Enjoy a variety of classes focused on those parts that you are interested in the most!

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Classes we all need!
  • Smooth digestion

    There are certain postures that you can go into after a meal that will help your body digest the food you've eaten more efficiently.
    Try this 23-minute class after lunch or dinner and take a moment for yourself, allowing your body to digest and assimilate the meal peacefully.

  • Jaw Series

    Do you bite your teeth together at night? Hold tension around your jaw when stressed?
    Most of us have tight muscles around the temporomandibular- joint and this muscle tension causes a lack of mobility in the jaw, headaches, and tension around the head & neck. The Purna Yoga Jaw Series is design...

  • Release your Lower Back

    Join Gabriel and Eva for this 35-minute practice where you will learn how to release tension in your lower back and find relief to lower back pain.
    What you'll need for this class:
    - belt
    - chair

  • Strengthen your Shoulders

    In this class, you will learn effective strengtheners for the muscles that surround and stabilize your shoulder joint. These muscles, unless strengthened, become looser as we age, and thus the shoulder joint becomes vulnerable.

  • 3/3. Purna Yoga for your Upper Back (in Finnish)

    Painovoiman ja eteenpäin keskittyvän elämäntapamme yhdistelmä aiheuttaa yläselässämme sen, että ilman säännöllistä ja tietoista harjoittelua, yläselkämme lähtee pyöristymään ja ryhtimme romahtaa. Tällä tunnilla lisäämme rintarangan liikkuvuutta, vahvistamme selän lihaksia ja avaamme rintakehää, j...

  • 2/3 Purna Yoga for your Shoulders (in Finnish)

    Monilla meistä, johtuen jatkuvasta käsien eteenpäin tuomisesta, on krooninen jännitystila rinta- ja olkapäiden lihaksistossa. Tällä tunnilla keskitymme purkamaan tätä jännityksen lihasmuistia ja vapauttamaan erityisesti olkapään etuosan lihaksia. Tunnin jälkeen tunnet, kuinka hartiasi vihdoin las...

  • 1/3 Purna Yoga for your Neck (in Finnish)

    Tervetuloa kurssin ensimmäiselle tunnille!
    Tällä tunnilla käymme läpi yksinkertaisia avauksia niskan kireille lihaksille, avaamme kaularangan nikamavälejä ja opit muutaman tekniikan, joilla palauttaa terve kaularangan kaari (mikäli se on sinulla suoristunut). Teemme myös harjoituksia, jotka enna...

  • Mobilise your Spine

    In this short class, you get to rejuvenate your spine with twists. You'll feel more alive and energized after this 30-minute practice.

  • Open your Chest

    Shortness of breath is often caused by tight muscles around the ribcage. This tension is caused by poor posture, stress, and certain emotions, like sorrow and fear. In this class, you'll open up the intercostals and the diaphragm for deeper, fuller breathing.

    For this class you'll need:
    - 3-mi...

  • Opening the hip flexors

    For most of us, due to our sedentary lifestyle, the hip flexors have become very short. When short, the hip flexors pull on the lower back causing low back tensions. In this class we will guide you to open your hip flexors in different ways, from standing poses to passive back bending.

  • Strengthen your hips with Eva

    In this class, we will strengthen the three main muscle groups that stabilize the hip joint. Hip stability is important not only in walking but in any sport where the hip joint is weight-bearing (that umbrella includes almost all sports!). Balancing the strength of these three muscle groups will ...

  • Deep openings with hips & shoulders

    In this class, we focus on balancing your hips with the Purna Yoga Hip Opening Series and opening your shoulders and upper back. When our hips are balanced in all movements the lower back is more at ease and less pulled by the hips into distorted positions. So it is with the shoulders and neck. T...

  • Strengthen your upper body for shirsasana (with weights)

    The muscles around our shoulder joint tend to become weaker as we age. In this fun class, Eva will challenge you to strengthen your upper body in preparation for the headstand, Shirsasana, also known as the king of all yoga poses. You will learn to recognize which muscles are necessary for this f...

  • Happy feet, toes & ankles

    In this fun class, you get to understand and feel the connection between your feet and the rest of your body. Eva will guide you through some releases for the feet which allow you to discover the tensions you hold in your soles. You'll get warm and active with Surya Namaskar and some standing pos...

  • Boost your Immune system

    The Immune system is a complex system that consists of many different organs and body systems. In this class, Eva will target the lymphatic system, which plays a big role in immunity. You start with gentle lymphatic massage in the areas of the body that have the most concentrations of lymph nodes...

  • 30 min Twist to feel amazing on your spine!

    In this 30-minute practice, you get to bring your spine back to life with twists that mobilize different parts of your spine. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a freer feeling afterward!

  • Release your lowerback & buttocks

    In this class, Eva guides you through a practice that focuses on de-compressing the lower spine and opening the tension in the muscles around the lower spine. You also get to open up deep tension in your buttock muscles which brings relief to the lower back. Whether you are having some lower back...

  • Caring for your feet & anckles

    The feet & the ankles are our foundation. If the muscles in our feet are very tense this will affect not only our walking, and our ability to balance but the entire posture of the body. Join this class and feel the wonderful feeling of relaxed, warm, and conscious feet! A perfect practice for bef...

  • Freedom to your Lowerback & Hips

    This class allows you to make space in your lower back and hips. We start with some movements for your hips and pelvic floor with the hip strengthening series. Then you'll get to move with the Sun Salutations and some fun standing poses. After the warm-ups, we move into deeper hip and buttock rel...

  • Release Your Upper Back & Shoulders

    In this 60-minute class, you get to release and mobilize your upper back tensions. A perfect practice after (or before!) a day at the office, driving or carrying heavy loads. All you need is a mat & a belt. Enjoy!

  • Stimulate & Soothe your Digestion

    In this class, Eva will guide you through a sequence of poses that alternate between stimulating and soothing your digestive organs. If you're feeling constipated or your digestion is agitated, this practice will feel wonderful!

  • Do this when you want release for your neck

    Most of us carry a lot of tension and weakness in the muscles around the neck. In this class, you get to move your entire body with Surya Namaskar and other full-body-poses with the emphasis on the neck and on both gently strengthening and deeply releasing this area. Enjoy!