Heartfull Meditation

Heartfull Meditation

Heartfull Meditation is a dynamic meditation created by meditation Master and Co-Founder of Purna Yoga, Savitri.
The different techniques in Heartfull Meditation are designed to teach the mind to become focused, calm, and inward-turned and for you to build a strong connection with your Heart Center: your Soul, your intuition, and your conscience: your inner guidance.
Learn the different techniques first and join Eva in the meditation classes.

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Heartfull Meditation
  • Heartfull Meditation: Mental Centering

    This dynamic meditation technique created by Meditation Master Savitri helps you to gather your scattered mind and bring it back to focus. It calms your mind effectively by drawing the awareness and outward turned senses within, into the Heart Center and into a beautiful feeling.

  • Grounding Heartfull Meditation

    In this class, you will learn the Grounding Meditation technique created by Meditation Master Savitri. This is a wonderful meditation to deepen your connection with Nature (best done in Nature!), de-stress and release anxiety as well as get your feet back on the ground after times of hurry and ov...

  • Inner Journey Meditation

    In this class, Eva will teach you the Heartfull Meditation technique called Inner Journey. Inner Journey teaches your mind to turn within and surrender to the Heart Center. A powerful technique for creating Peace through inner alignment as well as cultivating connection to Spirit.

  • Discovering the Heart Center

    In this Heartfull Meditation class Eva will teach you how to locate and go within the Heart Center, also called the Anahata Chakra, the center of feeling.

  • Serenity Prayer Meditation

    In this meditation class, which was a part of the Heartfull meditation course in 2022 at Purna Yoga Helsinki, you're guided to ponder on the Serenity Prayer.
    The famous Serenity Prayer is a powerful prayer that helps us let go of the worry and attachment over the things we can not control. This ...