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Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel

Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel


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Mobilise your Spine

Classes we all need! • 34m

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  • Open your Chest

    Shortness of breath is often caused by tight muscles around the ribcage. This tension is caused by poor posture, stress, and certain emotions, like sorrow and fear. In this class, you'll open up the intercostals and the diaphragm for deeper, fuller breathing.

    For this class you'll need:
    - 3-mi...

  • Opening the hip flexors

    For most of us, due to our sedentary lifestyle, the hip flexors have become very short. When short, the hip flexors pull on the lower back causing low back tensions. In this class we will guide you to open your hip flexors in different ways, from standing poses to passive back bending.

  • Strengthen your hips with Eva

    In this class, we will strengthen the three main muscle groups that stabilize the hip joint. Hip stability is important not only in walking but in any sport where the hip joint is weight-bearing (that umbrella includes almost all sports!). Balancing the strength of these three muscle groups will ...