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Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel

Watch this video and more on Purna Yoga - Eva & Gabriel


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Deep openings with hips & shoulders

Classes we all need! • 1h 9m

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  • Strengthen your upper body for shirsa...

    The muscles around our shoulder joint tend to become weaker as we age. In this fun class, Eva will challenge you to strengthen your upper body in preparation for the headstand, Shirsasana, also known as the king of all yoga poses. You will learn to recognize which muscles are necessary for this f...

  • Happy feet, toes & ankles

    In this fun class, you get to understand and feel the connection between your feet and the rest of your body. Eva will guide you through some releases for the feet which allow you to discover the tensions you hold in your soles. You'll get warm and active with Surya Namaskar and some standing pos...

  • Boost your Immune system

    The Immune system is a complex system that consists of many different organs and body systems. In this class, Eva will target the lymphatic system, which plays a big role in immunity. You start with gentle lymphatic massage in the areas of the body that have the most concentrations of lymph nodes...