Short sessions

Short sessions

Here you can find short classes, ranging from 15-30 minutes. Practice when suits you best and enjoy a moment for yourself even in the middle of a busy day. It's always worth it to pause, go within, and move your body regardless if it is just for a short moment.

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Short sessions
  • Chair Yoga Part 2

    The Yoga Chair has a variety of uses. In this video, Gabriel will guide you through deep hip and chest openers.
    You need:
    - Yoga Chair

  • Introduction to Ujjayi Breath

    In this class, Eva will teach you how to use the wonderful yogic breathing technique called Ujjayi. Feel free to use this breath in our other classes afetr learning it here!

  • Discovering the Heart Center

    In this Heartfull Meditation class Eva will teach you how to locate and go within the Heart Center, also called the Anahata Chakra, the center of feeling.

  • Get energized with us!

    In this class, you'll get to wake up your body and mind into a new day.
    What you need for this practice:
    - belt

  • Chair Yoga Part 1

    In this short class, Gabriel will teach you a sequence with the chair to get moving after a long period of being seated.
    Moving every hour is important so that energy and liquids in the body do not stagnate. Stagnation over time causes stiffness and lack of circulation, leading to other challeng...

  • Smooth digestion

    There are certain postures that you can go into after a meal that will help your body digest the food you've eaten more efficiently.
    Try this 23-minute class after lunch or dinner and take a moment for yourself, allowing your body to digest and assimilate the meal peacefully.

  • Strengthen your Shoulders

    In this class, you will learn effective strengtheners for the muscles that surround and stabilize your shoulder joint. These muscles, unless strengthened, become looser as we age, and thus the shoulder joint becomes vulnerable.

  • Heartfull Meditation: Mental Centering

    This dynamic meditation technique created by Meditation Master Savitri helps you to gather your scattered mind and bring it back to focus. It calms your mind effectively by drawing the awareness and outward turned senses within, into the Heart Center and into a beautiful feeling.

  • Purna Yoga Morning Series

    The Purna Yoga Morning Series is designed by Yoga master and Purna Yoga Co-Founder Aadil Palkhivala.
    This Series is designed to remove morning stiffness from the back body and thus prepare your back for the day. It is a wonderful daily habit to start the day with as it only takes 5 minutes to co...

  • Jaw Series

    Do you bite your teeth together at night? Hold tension around your jaw when stressed?
    Most of us have tight muscles around the temporomandibular- joint and this muscle tension causes a lack of mobility in the jaw, headaches, and tension around the head & neck. The Purna Yoga Jaw Series is design...

  • The Purna Yoga Hip Opening Series - Movements 1-3

    The Purna Yoga Hip Opening Series, created by Yoga Maste Aadil Palkhivala, is a series of 6 movements of the hip joint. In this video you will learn the three first movements, which are:
    - Opening of hamstring with Supta Padanghustasana
    - Opening of Abductors with Parivrtta Supta Padanghustasana...

  • Purna Yoga Hip Strengthening Series

    In this class, Gabriel will teach you the amazing Hip Strengthening Series created by Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala. This Series is designed to strengthen the muscles around your hip joint in a balancing way. When you combine this series with the Purna Yoga Hip Opening Series you have a complete t...

  • Purna Yoga Hip Series (all 6 movements)

    In this video, I teach you all the 6 movements of the Hip Opening Series. You will need:
    - a belt
    - a block/pads

  • Before run, walk or cycling practice

    In this effective 15-minute practice you get to prepare or unwind your body before or after activities like walking, cycling, running or after a long period of sitting in the car or on a flight. The only prop you need is a chair or a counter top. Enjoy the quick releases fro your hips!

  • Chair Yoga Releases for spine, shoulders & hips

    This class can be taken at the airport while waiting for your flight, in the midst of a long train ride, or during your work day. Just take a chair and join Eva for this short 25-minute releasing class for your shoulders, hips & spine. Enjoy!

  • ''I only have 20 minutes''- Full body practice

    Do you have 20 minutes and want to move your body in a complete way? This class is perfect for you! Join Eva & Gabriel for this brief but thorough practice whenever you only have a short moment and want to get moving. Enjoy!

  • Yoga for Plane Travel - Watch this before a long trip!

  • 30 min Twist to feel amazing on your spine!

    In this 30-minute practice, you get to bring your spine back to life with twists that mobilize different parts of your spine. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a freer feeling afterward!