Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Practicing in the morning creates an auspicious and unique atmosphere for the entire day.
In the morning you can clearly feel the different openings in your body after the night.
Try a class every morning for a week and we guarantee, you will feel more energized and focused the rest of the day!

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Good Morning!
  • Purna Yoga Morning Series

    The Purna Yoga Morning Series is designed by Yoga master and Purna Yoga Co-Founder Aadil Palkhivala.
    This Series is designed to remove morning stiffness from the back body and thus prepare your back for the day. It is a wonderful daily habit to start the day with as it only takes 5 minutes to co...

  • Morning Practice

    In this class, you'll get to release the tensions from your back after the night and feel ready and able to face to the day ahead.
    What you need for this class:
    - belt
    - pads/book to sit on

  • Get energized with us!

    In this class, you'll get to wake up your body and mind into a new day.
    What you need for this practice:
    - belt

  • Active morning practice

    This is a class that will start your day right! Connect with your breath through constant flowing movement and open up the tensions in your spine and shoulders.

    What you need for this class:
    - belt

  • Release tension in the lower legs & spine

    In this 60-minute class, we will focus on opening the ankles, calves, and hamstrings as well as increasing spinal mobility through twists and backbends. This class is a wonderful practice before running, swimming, biking, dancing, or any other physical activity that includes the legs and spine.

  • Purna Yoga Flow

    Get ready to move: to stimulate your circulation, to make your lymphatic system pump and detoxify through a mild sweat!

  • Active class: Core work

    In this active class, we will work on creating stability in your body through the strengthening of your core. The core is the main stabilizer of your entire body, especially your back. Learn how to activate first the deep lower core muscles that are crucial for lower back support. Then you'll be ...

  • Whole body strenghtening practice

    In this class, you get to use your entire body, and tone and strengthen in a yogic way. Balance is at the forefront and that's why Gabriel will guide you through front body, back body, and lateral bodywork. Enjoy the strength work for your shoulders and hips as well!

  • Good Morning Practice

    This morning's practice will open you up to the new day! Start gently and slowly with the Morning Series and continue to some warm-ups with Surya Namaskar. Find your balanced center with open pelvis standing poses and end your practice with fun standing twists and an upper back release. Enjoy!