Rest & Recover

Rest & Recover

''Relaxation is a skill, it too, like any skill, has to be learned.''

Restorative yoga is designed for the nervous system. In fact, all asana is, when done right, supporting the health of the precious nervous system.
In the classes in this section, you will learn how to deeply relax and enter the parasympathetic state of the nervous system, where all healing takes place. Inflammation is reduced, strained tissues are healed, blood pressure is lowered and the resting heart rate can drop.
In these classes you will also learn soothing breathing techniques, also called Pranayama (and Prakashayama).

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Rest & Recover
  • Restorative Yoga practice

    Join Eva for this 1-hour restorative yoga practice and feel rested and peaceful afterwards.
    You'll need:
    - a belt
    - a bolster
    - a brick/books

  • 1/2 Restorative - Slow down & let go

    In this first session of our 3-part restorative series, we will focus on cultivating the ability to let go of that which is weighing upon you and dragging you down. This is an important skill in life and can be beautifully incorporated into a relaxing restorative yoga practice.

  • 2/3 Restorative - Calming the mind

    In this class, the second session of our 3-part restorative sequence, we focus on forward bends.
    Forward bends calm the frontal brain activity, are restoring for the heart tissue and have a soothing effect on high blood pressure and stress.

    For this class you will need:
    - bolster
    - chair
    - ...

  • 3/3 Restorative - Opening the Heart

    In this third and last class of our 3-part Restorative Sequence, we will focus on opening the chest for deeper breathing and the Heart Center to access beautiful feelings in daily life.

  • Rest & Recover

    In this class, Gabriel will guide you through a sequence of poses designed to gently open your hips, and chest and calm the heart while deeply relaxing. Restorative yoga is aimed at the nervous system to enter what is called the para-symphatetic state, which we also call the state of healing. Thi...

  • A long Restorative practice

    In this 90-minute Sunday Session taught live during the Autumn of 2022 Eva & Gabriel guide you through deeply relaxing restorative poses. Restorative poses are an integral part of the practice of Purna Yoga. It is crucial that we take care of the health of our nervous system through conscious and...

  • Restorative Yoga to unwind

    In this Restorative Yoga class, you will get to enjoy many moments of silence while consciously relaxing your tensions. We focus on opening the tightness around the chest and diaphragm both of which get tight when we are under stress. Take your bolster and join Eva!

  • A Gentle & Soothing Practice

    In this class, Eva will guide you through a slow soothing practice to open your hips and your chest. This is a perfect class for winding down after a long walk, run, travel or just to end your day in a calming way.

  • 37-minute Guided Relaxation NSDR

    Take this moment for yourself to deeply recover. Lying down comfortably make sure your volume is high enough that you can hear Eva's voice clearly. Take a blanket, make sure you are warm and as comfortable as possible. For the next 37 minutes, you will be gently guided to a deep state of rest. Th...

  • 26-minute Guided Relaxation NSDR

    This deep relaxation is focused on recovery and healing. After it you will feel calm and composed, centered and present. Enjoy this moment for yourself.

  • 19-minute Guided Relaxation NSDR

    This 19-minute guided relaxation is for inner harmony. Eva will guide you through a deeply relaxing body scan that balances the two hemispheres of your body. Lie down comfortably, get warm, and make sure you can hear Eva's voice clearly. It's time to relax & regenerate!

  • 18-minute Guided Relaxation

    Lie down comfortably and press play. Enjoy the deep relaxation!

  • Release stress and gently open your hips

    Feel tight in your hips and some overall restlessness within? This is a perfect class to release the tightness in your hips and in your nerves. Enjoy the freedom in your pelvis and the peacefulness in your mind after this session!

  • Soothe & De-Stress

    In this 45-minute practice, you get to release upper back tension as well as tightness from your legs and lower back while soothing your nervous system through long exhalations and specific asanas that have a stress-relieving effect. All you need is a brick and a belt. Enjoy coming back to your r...

  • Guided Simple Breathwork - 20 min

    Enjoy a simple breathwork lying down for peace of mind and to help your body heal.